Tli DNA polymerase (exo-)

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11 May 2010



There is provided an extremely thermostable enzyme obtainable from Thermococcus litoralis. The thermostable enzyme has a molecular weight of about 90,000-95,000 daltons, a half-life of about 60 minutes at 100 DEG C. in the absence of stabilizer, and a half-life of about 95 minutes at 100 DEG C. in the presence of stabilizer, such as octoxynol (TRITON X-100) or bovine serum albumin. The thermostable enzyme possesses a 3'-5' proofreading exonuclease activity. The thermostable enzyme may be native or recombinant and may be used for second-strand cDNA synthesis in cDNA cloning, DNA sequencing, and DNA amplification.


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Comb, Donald G. and Kucera, Rebecca B.


US Patent No 5,210,036

Patent Title: Purified Thermostable Dna Polymerase Obtainable From Thermococcus Litoralis

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