Taq DNA Polymerase

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3 Jul 2009



A purified thermostable enzyme is obtained that has unique characteristics. Preferably the enzyme is isolated from the Thermus aquaticus species and has a molecular weight of about 86,000-90,000 daltons. The thermostable enzyme may be native or recombinant and may be used in a temperature-cycling chain reaction wherein at least one nucleic acid sequence is amplified in quantity from an existing sequence with the aid of selected primers and nucleotide triphosphates. The enzyme is preferably stored in a buffer of non-ionic detergents that lends stability to the enzyme.


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Gelfand, David H. ; Stoffel, Susanne; Lawyer, Frances C. and Saiki, Randall K.


US Patent No 4,889,818

Patent Title: Purified Thermostable Enzyme

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