phi29 DNA Polymerase

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24 Mar 2011



An improved method for determining the nucleotide base sequence of a DNA molecule. The method includes annealing the DNA molecule with a primer molecule able to hybridize to the DNA molecule; incubating the annealed mixture in a vessel containing four different deoxynucleoside triphosphates, a DNA polymerase, and one or more DNA synthesis terminating agents which terminate DNA synthesis at a specific nucleotide base, wherein each the agent terminates DNA synthesis at a different nucleotide base; and separating the DNA products of the incubating reaction according to size, whereby at least a part of the nucleotide base sequence of the DNA can be determined. The improvement is provision of a DNA polymerase which is a phi 29-type DNA polymerase.


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Blanco, Luis ; Bernad, Antonio and Salas, Margarita


US Patent No 5,198,543

Patent Title: Phi29 Dna Polymerase

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