KlenTaq1 Polymerase

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25 Jul 2016



A DNA polymerase having an amino acid sequence comprising substantially the same amino acid sequence as that of Thermus aquaticus or Thermus flavus DNA polymerase, excluding the N-terminal 280 amino acid residues of Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase or the N-terminal 279 amino acid residues of Thermus flavus DNA polymerase, recombinant DNA sequences encoding said DNA polymerases, vectors comprising said DNA sequences, and host cells containing such vectors. A formulation of thermostable DNA polymerases comprising a majority component comprised of at least one thermostable DNA polymerase of the type described above, wherein the DNA polymerase lacks 3'-exonuclease activity, and a minority component comprised of at least one thermostable DNA polymerase exhibiting 3'-exonuclease activity, and an improved method for amplifying nucleic acid sequences by polymerase chain reaction wherein the above formulation is mixed and used to catalyze primer extension, are also provided.


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Barnes, Wayne M.


US Patent No 5,436,149

Patent Title: Thermostable Dna Polymerase With Enhanced Thermostability And Enhanced Length And Efficiency Of Primer Extension

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